It’s officially fall, but the kittens keep coming!

Good afternoon, wonderful kitty fosters!

The days are getting shorter and shorter, and the weather is getting nippier and nippier, but the bottle-feeder kittens just keep coming in! ACCT Philly currently has 5 litters of bottle-feeder kittens at the shelter, ranging in groups from singles, pairs, trios, and a litter of seven babies. Unfortunately, the shelter does not have the overnight staffing to provide the appropriate care that these tiny babies need to survive. For this reason, we rely on our amazing volunteers and fosters to overnight, temp foster, or long-term foster any of these tiny kitties! Please do not hesitate to email if there may be any way that you would be able to save any of these kittens!

The tiny, homeless, baby kittens of Philadelphia need your love now more than ever. Please do not overlook these tiny ones – they will not make it without your love!


Relax in our kitten nursery

We are always in need of volunteers like April to feed and care for bottle babies during the day. If you’re in the area, why not stop by and spend some time relaxing in our Kitten Nursery?  Email for more information on how you can become a kitten nursery volunteer.  

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Fostering – Make it a Family Affair!

Veteran kitten foster Jordan wanted his mother to experience the joys of fostering bottle babies, so they paid us a visit this afternoon and instantly fell in love with Sadie.  Now this single orphaned kitten has a foster family to call her own. Thank you Lauren and Jordan for making fostering a family affair!

Have cat lovers in your family?  Tell them about our foster program!

jordan and mom foster kittens

Media Coverage

We’ve been getting a lot of fantastic media coverage about our recent lifesaving achievements.  A big thanks to the Daily News, NewsWorks and NBC10 for helping us spread the word: fostering saves lives!  Check out the articles below:

“Cats get extra lives”
Daily News
July 25, 2014. Stu Bykofsky

“Cat Euthanasia Rate Drops Dramatically in Philly”  (also posted on
July 25, 2014.  Elizabeth Fielder




Don’t forget the nursing momma cats!

Kittens get all the attention, but their mothers deserve some love, too! When you foster a nursing mother, she will do all the work in exchange for some TLC and a safe place to raise her babies. This is a perfect option for those who want to help the tiny babies but don’t have time to bottle feed. We have 10 nursing mothers with litters right now, email or call 267-385-3800 ext. 500 to bring a litter home today!


Cat euthanasia dramatically declines at ACCT Philly!


Philadelphia, PA, July 16, 2014 – The Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT Philly), the nonprofit that manages Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, is celebrating a dramatic reduction of cat euthanasia stemming from a goal to save every kitten that comes through its doors. Compared to June of 2013, June 2014 saw cat euthanasia decline by 50% – an incredible feat during the busiest time of year for ACCT Philly.

Young kittens stream into the shelter during summer months, but this year they are being saved in record numbers through ACCT Philly’s newly expanded foster care program where volunteers raise them in their homes until they are old enough for adoption.

“We are thrilled that so many volunteers and rescue partners have stepped up to help save these innocent lives and help us meet the goal of saving every kitten,” says Maria Decker, ACCT Philly’s Feline Programs Manager. “With this targeted effort, more kittens are getting into foster care and rescue than ever before.”

While the increased foster care effort is not the only program affecting cat euthanasia reduction, it has significantly contributed to the sharp decline. During the first five months of the year, cat euthanasia at Philadelphia’s busiest shelter declined 15%, but in June when kitten intake starts to climb, cat euthanasia was reduced by 50% compared to June 2013. So far more than 1,600 cats have been placed in temporary foster care with volunteers this year, a 44% increase over last year.

But ACCT Philly staff knows that kitten intakes are the highest through July and August as cat breeding peaks in our area, and are seeking the help of the public to continue the success of the program. “It will be tough to save them all during the busiest time of the year,” says Susan Cosby, Executive Director. “But we are determined and feel confident that with help from Philly’s cat lovers, we can meet our goal.”

BFAS“Best Friends has helped San Antonio, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida, successfully establish kitten programs. We have seen what an important role these programs can play in shelter operations. It is exciting to support ACCT Philly and the City of Philadelphia in their efforts to save the lives of more shelter kittens,” said Liz Finch, senior manager, national programs, Best Friends Animal Society.”

To learn more about how you can help save kittens’ lives by becoming a foster home, contact ACCT Philly at, 267-385-3800 ext. 500 or visit the shelter at 111 West Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140 between 10AM and 8PM and ask to speak to the Lifesaving Staff about fostering kittens.

The foster care program and goal to save every kitten is generously supported by a grant from the Best Friends Animal Society.


Love is Positive!

Love is positive! FIV+ Sandy has the moves like Jagger, she doesn’t let anything bring her down! With the right preventative care, FIV positive cats and kittens can have a full, happy life – all they need is someone like you to provide love and a safe home.   Interested in learning more about fostering or adopting a special needs kitten? Contact Maria at

sandy FIV